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The World is so Fickle to the Word of the Lord


Introduction Introduction

Today I want to spend a little bit of time on the title of this ministry which is called Fickle Followers. I guess many years ago, I was reading a commentary by J. McGee. He had a wonderful radio broadcast Through the Bible. He wrote a lot of books.

Now brother McGee has gone home and what a faithful servant he truly was in teaching the word of God.  During his study of Galatians, he talked about the Galatian people being extremely fickle people. I kind of found that to be kind of comical especially with that in that Texas draw of his. If you’ve ever listened to him, if you haven’t I hope and pray that you will get on YouTube or you get on one of the local radio channels on AM or FM and see if you can find J. Vernon McGee. He will bless your heart indeed. He’s one of the old Bible teachers and let me tell you something, he is mighty, mighty faithful. He is one of the pioneers of the radio ministries. He was truly faithful. He always talked about the Galatian people and how fickle they were. He likened the fickleness of the Galatian people to the church in America today. I listened to him for quite a while and that’s where I came up with the title of Fickle Followers.

Now the Galatian people you have to understand, they received the Apostle Paul with gladness, but it wasn’t too long afterwards that through his preaching, they would run him out of town and he would suffer greatly. Now you might think I shouldn’t be laughing about that but how quick they changed their minds. In the beginning they were very, very on fire for Jesus. As time went on, and it didn’t take a lot of time, some of them went back to paganism. That was very popular in Roman culture. That was their religion. That was their religion paganism and some of them went back to Judaism and matter of fact you read the book of Galatians and you see that the Apostle Paul is calling them back to Christ because they’ve changed their mind, they’ve changed their mind. We live in a culture in America that it is hard for people to commit. They do not want to commit to a Godly marriage today.

However, we see what’s going on in our culture. Men marrying Men and women marrying women. I will not marry a mana and a man or a woman and a woman. As a matter of fact I don’t mind if I go to jail because I won’t marry a homosexual. I am going to be mean to homosexuals. Their lifestyle is totally contrary to the word of God.

This transgender stuff that’s going on in wokeism in our culture.  I mean we are dealing with so many things right now. We have in America, we have a fickle church in America that is constantly changing its mind in direction in order to please the culture and please the crowd.

I know this for a fact. My daddy, he is dead and gone. He administered for over  50 years. He always said about the ministry, he said it’s kind of amazing, you go to church to be their pastor and for the first couple of years you’re like the last scoop of banana pudding that a family reunion people can’t get enough of you but after three or four years of preaching the word of God you are like they are like trying to swallow and people tolerate you like they are trying to swallow something extremely sour. They can’t hardly get you out of their mouth quick enough because people’s opinions and minds change so rapidly. Where it was two or three years, but now it’s about a year and a half, maybe 2 years. People change their opinion so quickly about different things and different topics. We do that with presidents, we do that with our politicians, and we do that with our football games and football teams.

People are always changing their opinions and changing their minds. One of the great marks of the Laodicean church is that it is built upon people’s opinion. Our opinions change all the time.

Now, we’re living in that kind of culture whenever I say Fickle Followers, I am not directing that directly to you. However, if the shoe fits, wear it. I mean that’s kind of how I’ve always been but I hope and pray that is not the case. I hope you are loyal to Jesus Christ. I hope you’re loyal to his colony and that you’re faithful. I hope the messages that come through Fickle Followers will be a blessing to your heart.

I am hopefully in the process of getting a lot of the cassette tapes of my daddy that he preached down through the years I’ve got boxes of them. I’m hopeful to get them transferred over to DVD and online so that I can start sharing his messages on Fickle Followers.

Have a blessed day. Keep us in your prayers and we will also be praying for you. I hope shortly to have a way that you can communicate Facebook page or on our web site with your prayer petitions things of that nature because we would love to pray with you we would love to be a support to you and help encourage you and but you

Have a blessed evening and a blessed afternoon or blessed night depending on when you turn on Fickle Followers. God bless you!

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